Wine Country Corvettes was started by a few couples that wanted to get together with
like-minded folks  and go cruising in their Corvettes.  We are an informal group whose
main goal is to meet new Corvette lovers, have fun and drive these wonderful Chevrolet
cars!  Most members are from Napa and Sonoma counties with others from throughout
Northern California.  We organize and cruise on tours to wineries, automotive related
collections, and other interesting sites.  We get together for lunches in the winter months,
and cruise around Northern California when the weather is good. We also participate in
other Corvette club events and car shows throughout the cruising season.

Our WCC Events Calendar lists our events for the year, alongside a second list "FYCCI -
For Your Corvette Cruising Information" listing other events, that take placee within our

Check out our WCC Events Calendar and if you're interested in joining us, you can reach
us through our "Contact Us" link.

It would be great to meet you at our next event!
Welcome To Wine Country Corvettes

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